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Services We Provide

At APL Insolvency we specialize in helping business owners when their company is facing insolvency. We understand both the challenges and responsibilities directors must deal with including the need to take action when their company is having difficulty paying its debts.

We seek to find solutions that allow your company to overcome financial challenges and continue to trade. Our goal is to always help you take a proactive approach that effectively manages the threat of insolvency and provides the best outcome for all stakeholders.

If your company is experiencing financial difficulty, the team at APL is here to help you understand the options that may be available.

Creditors' Voluntary Liquidations

As the name implies, a creditors’ voluntary liquidation is a voluntary liquidation although despite the name, it is an appointment made by the company’s directors and shareholders.

Voluntary Administrations

A voluntary administration is an appointment made by the company’s directors when a company is or is about to become insolvent.

Deeds Of Company Arrangement

A voluntary administration allows directors to present a proposal to the company’s creditors which, if accepted by a majority of creditors, results in a Deed of Company Arrangement.

Small Business Restructuring

Small business restructuring allows eligible companies to appoint a restructuring practitioner to help restructure their outstanding debt by proposing a restructuring plan to creditors.

Court Liquidations

A court liquidation usually occurs as the result of a creditor taking action to recover their unpaid debt by making an application to court to wind up the company.


A receivership is an appointment made by a secured creditor seeking repayment of their outstanding debt.

Members' Voluntary Liquidations

One of the options for finalising a company's affairs and distributing its assets to shareholders is a Members’ Voluntary Liquidation.

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